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2021 / 12 / 13

How to Replace Automotive Engine Piston Rings

文章540_How to Replace Automotive Engine Piston Rings

The engine of a vehicle consists of different parts and components, and among these are the piston rings. Piston rings are essential components set with precision between the cylinder and piston. However, once these rings wear out, car engine problems can take place. Once issues with your vehicle start to occur, it is important to learn how to replace automotive engine piston rings.

Here are the steps you can follow to replace these important car parts:

Locate the Piston Rings

Before anything else, you need to remove the cylinder head first so you can access the piston rings. See to it that the required items are properly disconnected before you remove the part. You also need to drain the coolant before you take out the exhaust manifold. Loosen the bolts that hold the important pieces using a wrench.
After you are done with this, the distributor can now be disconnected, and the spark plug wires can be pulled out. Be careful with unbolting the valve corners.

The rocker arms and pushrods are where the true challenge lies. There is nut above each rocker arm that you need to remove individually. The pushrods must be pulled through the head.
Professionals suggest that to remove the retaining bolts of the cylinder head, you need to begin from the outside bolts. Clean the grease and dirt from the top of each cylinder before you proceed to the second step.

Clean the Piston and Remove the Rings

It is important to clean things first before the piston rings are replaced. This process might sound simple, yet you must be careful to the very end. You will be relieved after all the cylinder holes are covered since no debris from the piston will get into the cylinders. All the dirt should be cleaned first before the piston is pulled out.

The piston rings cannot be changed without taking out the pistons in most vehicles. In general, this can differ from one car to another. Thus, you need to check and refer to the service manual to have a full understanding of the concept. Some kerosene can be used in an area with proper ventilation where you can soak all the pistons you removed.

Remove the old piston rings using a piston ring tool. Use a feeler gauge to ensure that the ring groves are all on the piston. You need a new piston rather than simply replacing the piston rings if the groves are already worn out. You can soak the rings in kerosene overnight if you find it hard to move them.

Insert the New Piston Rings

Use the piston ring tool to stretch the replacement piston rings. You have to be really careful since these might break if you end up stretching them too much. The piston rings should be secured in the ring groves. Check the piston two times during the process to ensure that you don’t face any issue when replacing these with the connecting rods.

Reversing the whole process is the final step. You need to check the head gasket before you replace the cylinder head. The replacement should be done as you work on piston rings. All the items should be reattached and the cylinder head should be put back to the engine block.

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