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2022 / 05 / 30

A Guide to Piston Ring Compressor Maintenance

Piston ring compressor


5 Most Important Maintaining Factors for Piston Ring Compressor

1. Know the Basic of Piston Ring Compressor

A Piston ring compressor is a unique tool that can install or remove piston rings. 

2. Press Fit Factor Is Important To Consider

When it comes to piston ring compressors, the press-fit factor is significant when looking at a new one or an old one that needs to be serviced. Press-fit factors refer to the force required to compress a piston ring into its groove inside the cylinder wall. 
The higher this number is, the more pressure will be on the metal from both ends of the tool until it reaches its proper position. The lower this number is, the less stress there will be on the metal from both ends of the device until its correct position.

3. Make Sure That You Are Not Over Compressing the Ring

It is essential to ensure that you are not over-compressing your piston ring, which can lead to damage. It would help if you used a feeler gauge to check how much pressure you are applying to the ring. The meter should slide between the rings on a flat surface without any resistance. 
If it does not, you will need to reduce the pressure being applied by either backing off your pressure wrench or using another method of applying pressure.

4. Use Clean Compression Tools

Make sure that you use clean compression tools when working with pistons and rings. It is worth taking extra time to clean off your devices before moving on to another part of your engine rebuild so that you do not contaminate other areas with oil or grease residue from the previous positions that were worked on by other mechanics or enthusiasts who have been working on their engines before they arrived at your shop for repair or rebuilding services.

5. Do Not Use a Cheap Ring Compressor

The first thing that comes to mind when anyone thinks about piston ring compressors is Harbor Freight tools. These cheap tools seem like great deals because they are affordable and can be found at almost any hardware or auto parts store. 
However, these tools are not meant for professional use and should never be used by professionals. They have no warranty, which means if something goes wrong with them during service, then there is nothing you can do or get back from the manufacturer or retailer that sold them to you in the first place. 
Also, if they break during use, there's no way to get parts for them either – they only sell replacement parts if they die during shipping or manufacturing defects (which is rare).