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A piston ring must possess both spring-like tension and the properties to become a true circle when closed simultaneously. Piston rings keep a close contact with the cylinder walls through their own spring tension, carrying out three main functions below in reciprocating engines as:

- Sealing the combustion chamber so that there is no transfer of gases from the combustion chamber to the crank.

- Supporting heat transfer from the piston to the cylinder
 wall by thermal conduction.

- Regulating engine oil consumption as controlling the thickness of the lubricating oil film on the cylinder wall.


Top Compression ring
Located in the first ring groove which has the primary function of sealing the combustion gases and transferring heat from the piston to the cylinder wall.


Second Compression ring
Located in the second ring groove which has dual-purpose of assisting the top ring and also the control of oil so that the top ring has enough lubrication.


Oil control ring
Prevent the oil from passing between the face of the ring and the cylinder through the gap.


To all engines, automobiles, trucks, forklift, compressors, generators, outboard motors, construction machines, agricultural machines, etc.


Cast iron, FCD, Steel


Chromium plated, Nitrided, Phosphated, Copper plated